Winter is upon us, so now is a good time to maintain our houses to withstand the cold weather. Taking care of your house means removing the snow from your parking lot and entryway to make sure everyone can safely come and go on your property. The same goes for your plumbing work. Pipes can become frozen during winter as a result of the water in them freezing over and bursting. If this happens, your house can turn into a mess with very serious damage and repair work in tow. You want to be able to prevent this by learning how to keep your pipes intact in spite of winter.

Find out exactly how you can avoid or prepare for this situation, with this simple guide: 

Frozen Pipe Dangers

During the winter months, water in your pipes freezes and expands dramatically. As the ice expands, the pressure causes the pipe to burst, leading to extensive damage and causing water to flow out all over the house. The broken pipe could also freeze over leading to further damage as the affected area extends and leaves a gaping hole in your pipe. After this disaster scenario, you are then left with huge repairs.

Without proper precautions, a busting pipe situation can likely occur when the temperature drops below freezing levels, especially overnight, meaning you will wake up to a burst pipe and the unpleasant site of water leakage all over your house. 

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Thankfully, frozen pipes are something you can prevent, and here are our two main tips to help you out:

  1. Start by insulating the areas where your pipes are located, such as the basement, attic, your garage, etc. Proper insulation will be of great help to you. 
  2. If you have pipes inside your cabinets, such as the cabinet beneath your sink, you may want to leave the cabinet doors open.
  3. Drip your faucets: the water that runs through your pipes is turning into ice, so you should drip your faucets to prevent them from freezing.  

What are the signs of frozen water pipes?

The easiest way to tell if you have a frozen pipe is by checking for visible frost, which will be easier to spot on the pipes that are located on your exterior walls. Regarding your inside pipes, the best way to tell is if no water is coming out of them once you have turned them on. If this is the case, start by checking that your water is still turned on and you don’t have a leak, this will probably happen in your basement.

After this, it is safe to conclude your pipes are frozen, at which point it will be time to check if any of your pipes have burst. If you don’t have any pipe bursts yet, that is great news as it will be less of an emergency situation, although your pipes are still frozen.  

How to deal with a frozen pipe

If your pipe is already frozen then it might be too late for our useful prevention tips, but we are right on time to give you a hand! 

If you are certain you have a frozen pipe, your first action should be to shut off the main water valve, this will prevent further damage and help maintain the safety of your property. Then, turn off the power via the circuit breaker.

Depending on the severity of the situation, your next action should be to call a water damage professional, like us. When you contact our company, we will arrive at your property and promptly help you assess the situation by thoroughly evaluating the frozen lines. Our main course of action will be to begin thawing your pipes. For this, we will use different specialized machines designed to warm up the environment and your pipes directly. They will vary depending on the severity of your case but you can be sure we will use the best technology at our disposal to ensure we take care of your situation quickly and, more importantly, in a safe manner.  


Contact STL Plumbing Experts to get you through this winter

As you go through winter, you should check for leakages around your house. Leakages are a big indicator that you have a frozen pipe, which would require your immediate attention in order not to escalate things.

If you find a frozen pipe, you will need to call plumbing professionals like us to help you thaw the pipes. Here at Plumbing Experts STL, we can help you get your pipes in order so that you concentrate on enjoying winter. If you’re wondering whether you might have a frozen pipe, reach out to us immediately to help you get the situation under control: you can check out our website to know exactly how we can help you. We can also call us at 636-223-5068 or send us an email at Our team of experts will be glad to help you in every situation and make sure you and your family stay safe and warm during this winter season.