Water Treatment and Filtration Systems

water treatment and filtration systems


    It’s not enough for your home’s water system to heat, flow, and drain properly. You also need a water treatment system that delivers high-quality water. Not using purified water can cause many disruptive issues in your home.

    Count on Plumbing Experts STL for all your water filtering needs! Our plumbing professionals in St. Louis, MO, can perform a water test on your home, then outfit your home with the purest household water. Call us at 636-223-5068 for top-performing water treatment and filtration systems in St. Louis, MO.

    Hard Water vs. Soft Water

    Hard, or untreated, water is ground, well, or tap water containing dissolved calcium, iron, or other minerals.

    Soft, or treated, water has few to no dissolved minerals. Water treatment systems filter hard water into soft water.

    Benefits of Soft Water

    Though hard water is safe to drink, we recommend water treatment and filtration systems in St. Louis, MO. Soft water is a better alternative for these reasons:

    • Less build-up. Hard water’s minerals gradually build up in pipes and water pumps. This accumulation leads to poor water flow, clogs, and, in the worst cases, burst pipes. Soft water lacks these clogging substances.
    • Quicker cleaning. Hard water impedes soap’s ability to lather, causing your dishwasher and laundry machine to poorly clean your dishes and clothes. A water softening system allows water to lather quickly, reducing cleaning time.
    • Better appliance functioning. Hard water leaves deposits in your kitchen appliances. As a result, a dishwasher or a tea kettle may stop working.

    Water Treatment Systems

    If you have hard water, we can install various water treatment systems in your home. The types of filters we recommend depend on your water source, which we test for hardness.

    The systems we install include:

    • Water softeners. These devices come in various shapes and sizes depending on how much water your household uses each day. In most models, hard water enters a water softener tank. The tank contains media that attracts hard water minerals through an ion exchange process.
    • Water filtration systems. These systems provide clean drinking water for your home. They rid water not only of minerality but also chlorine. We can install whole-house filters and point-of-use filters depending on your needs.
    • Water purification systems. These systems provide the highest-quality drinking water. The most in-demand purification system is RainSoft, which we install either under the kitchen sink or in the basement.  

    Besides installation, our well-trained professionals perform repairs and maintenance checks on your existing water treatment systems.

    Learn more about faucet and fixture repairs by calling Plumbing Experts STL at 636-223-5068. We offer second-to-none installation and repair of water treatment and filtration systems in St. Louis, MO!

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