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Do You Have a Hidden Leak?

Do you have higher water bills? Have you found water stains in ceilings or walls? Do you hear unexplained dripping sounds? You might have a leak somewhere. Get professional leak detection and pipe repair in St. Louis by Plumbing Experts, LLC. We offer water leak detection service in St. Louis, MO, and we’ll fix your pipes quickly.

Why Is Leak Detection Important?

The source of a leak can be hard to identify. Water from leaking pipes can travel for some distance before it makes contact with wood or drywall. Roof leaks can cause extensive damage that you might not notice at first, and it is important not to ignore minor signs of a leak because they can lead to:

  • Bubbling wallpaper
  • Rotting wood
  • Mold growth
  • Rotting drywall
  • Damage to furniture

Worse, a leaking pipe today can become a burst pipe tomorrow, causing even worse damage. Leaks in your home can also be a sign of more pervasive pipe problems such as corrosion, blockage, and temperature changes. Understanding the cause of one leak can prevent leaks in the future.

How Do We Detect Leaks?

When we plan water leak detection in St. Louis, MO, we work to identify the source of leaks without causing damage to the walls and floors. Our advanced detection methods allow us to find leaks without cutting blindly in search of a leak.


In the last thirty years, we’ve heard many leaks and seen the effects of water damage. Based on the layout of your home, we can figure out where the water could be coming from.


We can use a microphone and complex sound analysis techniques to pinpoint the location of leaks through walls. 

Visual Camera Inspection 

Flexible cameras give us an inside view of pipes that reveal obstructions, rust, and other structural problems. Leak detection turns a potentially damaging situation into a simple repair once we have isolated the precise length of pipe that needs patching or replacement.

Fixing Leaks 

Once we identify leaks, we plan the repiping and carefully restore your wall, floor, or ceiling to the way it was before. We use modern piping that resists corrosion and is less likely to leak. If old piping, corrosion, ice, or an obstruction caused this leak, we can use that knowledge to identify other pipes that might leak and protect them before they have a chance to cause problems. 

Choose Plumbing Experts for Leak Detection

Plumbing Experts stand by their work with a two-year warranty and dedicated customer service to support our customers after we’ve fixed their leak. Find out more about our plumbing services by calling (636) 223-5068 to speak with a Plumbing Experts technician about our water leak detection services in St. Louis, MO.

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