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toilet repair and replacement in St. Louis, MO

    toilet repair

    Are you having an issue with your toilet? Resolve the problem quickly with toilet repair and replacement in St. Louis, MO. At St. Louis Plumbing Experts, we handle all commercial and residential toilet issues.

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    Consider Your Options for Toilet Repair

    A plumbing service company can help you handle many toilet problems. Our team handles repairs if your toilet:

    Has Problems Flushing

    Some toilets have a weak flush, while others stop flushing. Repairs often take care of this problem. If you have a weak flush, our team can check your tank’s water level and make sure you have the correct head pressure to flush effectively.

    We also help if your toilet refuses to flush at all. We can fix or replace the flapper chain or your water line to handle this issue. 

    Gurgles When You Flush

    Does your toilet make a gurgling noise after you use it? This noise often indicates a clog in your sewer line that requires repairs from a plumbing company. Sometimes, your sink or tub may gurgle instead.

    Gurgling from sink or tub drains generally indicates a clog in the vent pipe. Our professionals can identify the clog and clear it away to get your plumbing working correctly again. 

    Runs All the Time

    Some property owners in St. Louis end up dealing with a toilet that runs constantly. This problem generates an annoying sound and increases your water bill. We often see this problem if:

    • There’s a leak in the toilet system
    • The fill valve failed
    • The flapper is mispositioned 

    Our highly trained technicians know how to investigate the specific causes of your toilet problem. They handle repairs quickly, allowing you to get things back to normal.

    When to Replace a Toilet in St. Louis

    Our team can repair your toilet without requiring you to replace the fixture in many cases. However, you may decide on a replacement if the toilet bowl or tank develops a crack. 

    Generally, plumbers cannot repair a crack in your bowl. Over time, cracks tend to get worse and may eventually lead to the toilet breaking completely. We handle toilet installation and replacement if you decide to upgrade your plumbing system.

    Let Us Repair or Replace Your Toilet

    Our team at St. Louis Plumbing Experts handles toilet repair and replacement in St. Louis, MO. We assist both commercial and residential property owners who face plumbing issues. You can book your appointment online or call us at (636) 223-5068 to speak with a member of our team. 

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