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    A sewer line issue can pose serious health risks. It can also devalue your home, cause structural damage, pest problems, and many other issues. This is precisely why you need true experts like STL Plumbing to handle the problem effectively.

    Indications of a Sewer Line Problem

    How do you know if you need sewer line repair and replacement services in St. Louis or St. Charles? Check to see if you see/experience any of the following situations:

    • Frequent toilet backups/sewer line backup
    • Slow drain
    • Foul sewer odors
    • Gurgling noises from your toilet, sink, and drainage pipes
    • Lush spots/patches outdoors, such as greener grass patches and sogginess/excessive moisture
    • Pest problems. Cockroach and rodent problem.
    • Mold and mildew in your walls, floors, ceiling, and basement
    • Higher water bills

    Main Causes of Sewer line Problems

    If you have a sewer line problem, it is probably because of;

    • Sewer line clog: The presence of drainage-clogging items clothes, dead pests, and other foreign objects in the sewer line
    • Root infiltration: Tree roots that have overgrown and infiltrated the sewer line
    • A sewer line fracture linked to sudden ground shifting
    • A faulty valve
    • Pipe corrosion
    • Grease buildup
    • Water damage problems

    Our Sewer Line Repair Process

    Step 1: Sewer Inspection/Assessment

    Our services begin with a thorough assessment of the sewer line problem. We have specialized equipment and sewer line experts who check for clogs, sewer line corrosion, sewer line fractures, and other obvious signs and causes of sewer line problems.

    We utilize high-tech methods including video inspection that make the job easier and offer a more accurate assessment of sewer line issues. The next cause of action is dictated by our findings in this step.

    Step 2: Assessing Sewer Line Replacement or Repair Options

    A damaged sewer line section can be repaired. Entire sewer lines can also be replaced if clogging is common and inevitable in the future, as is the case with narrow lines. This step is about assessing the options. Our experienced team of sewer repair experts can handle all types of sewer line repair and replacement tasks.

    Step 3: Repair or Replacement

    The process generally involves removing damaged/broken sewer line sections and replacing those sections with new piping. We also unclog sewer lines and utilize traditional methods to ensure the sewer systems start running again. Our services extend to replacing entire sewer lines.

    Our specialized sewer line repair and replacement services include:



    Trenchless sewer repair and replacement

    As the name suggests, this service doesn’t involve digging trenches or extensive excavation, as is the case with traditional sewer repair services. The service stands out because it reduces the inconveniences of typical sewer line repair where trenches must be dug and traffic rerouted. Trenchless sewer repair is also faster (it takes hours instead of days in typical circumstances) and less destructive.

    When a sewer line is damaged, trenchless sewer replacement services can involve pipe bursting. The method can repair damaged sections of a sewer line or replace an entire line altogether. Pipe bursting involves driving a missile-like attachment on one end of a sewer line and dragging it slowly to break up the old sewage pipe and install a new line attached at the back of the attachment.


    Trenchless drain repair and replacement (cured-in-place pipe)

    A sewer system is composed of a network of drains and drains usually serve one building. In trenchless drain repair and replacement, the old drain isn’t removed or destroyed. Instead, an epoxy-coated sleeve is inserted into the existing drain before being inflated and left to cure. The process creates a new drain inside the old one or what is typically known as CIPP (cured-in-place pipe)

    Contact Plumbing Experts STL for your Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Needs

    Trenchless sewer line repair and replacement is the highly specialized service you have been looking for, it will take care of your problem in no time! Contact us to get the process started.

    We are licensed, have 30+ years of sewer line repair & replacement experience, and have high-tech equipment. We are highly qualified sewer experts who understand and adhere to all city building & safety codes. We also offer our services 24/7.

    So what are you waiting for? Call us at 636-223-5068 for emergency sewer line repair in St. Louis and neighboring environs, you can also send us an email at We also offer sewer line repair and replacement quotes. Act immediately to avoid extensive damage and costly repairs.

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