Plumbing Experts STL is a team of qualified and licensed plumbers in Saint Louis and Saint Charles area. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to get the job done right. Here, take a good look at what we do.

Hot Water Heater Repair

Plumbing Experts STL offers full-range 24/7 repairs for electric, gas, tankless, commercial water heater, and hybrid tankless water heaters. Water heaters lose their efficiency over time, which leads to high energy bills. Sediment buildup is the primary cause behind slow heating and blocked heater pipes. Limescale and calcium deposits hinder a water heater’s efficiency.

  • Sediment buildup inspection – rusty water problem
  • Inspect and replace inefficient burners
  • Replace thermostats and shut-off valves
  • Resolve water pressure issues, leaks, and pilot lights
  • Undertake preventive maintenance

1. Anti-Scald Devices

On-demand water heaters can pose scalding dangers to children, adults, and the disabled. Anti-scald devices protect users from coming in direct contact with hot water from kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Contact us for a scald guard installation in your home.

2. Emergency Shut-Off Devices

A burst water heater can cause massive damage to a home. Unchecked hot water lines can cause flooding, which can lead to rot. Our team installs an automotive shut off valve that helps prevent additional water from entering from the main-line and flooding your home.

Pipe Repair

Leaky water pipes are a total nightmare scenario. It can cause rot, flood your home, and even cause permanent damage to the home’s foundation. If you even so much as doubt a leaking pipe, contact us immediately. From the main water line to internal fixtures, we check every inch of your home’s water infrastructure to spot and fix the leak.

Soil shifts, corrosion-infested pipes, water flow, and tree roots can cause pipe damage. Septic and drainage pipes are most vulnerable. Blocked pipes, pungent smell, and colored water are some signs of broken pipes. We undertake video camera inspection to detect water pipe damage accurately.

  • Compliance with local city building and safety codes
  • Save money on water bills by eliminating water wastage
  • Prevent damage from tree roots and underground cracks
  • Corrosion-resistant pipes offering long-life benefits

Drain and Sewer Cleaning

At Plumbing Experts STL, our experts employ the latest technology for drain and sewer repair. From blasting away clogs to extensive main-line repairs, we ensure 100% client satisfaction.

  • Hydro-Jetting – We use high-pressure water cleaning to wipe out tough scales, grease, or silt in the drains. Superior 3500 psi cleaning ensures that every inch of the pipe’s interior is sparkling clean.
  • Video Inspection – Advanced video inspection devices allow us to get a good look at the problem. Sewer and pipe clogging can be located accurately with video inspection and resolved quickly.
  • Rooter Cleaning – We have the latest rooter machine offering quick drain and sewer cleaning solutions. It removes grease, scale, tree roots, and other water flow obstructions.

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your day. Call us today for in-depth sewer and drain cleaning solutions in the Saint Louis and Saint Charles area.

Bathroom Remodelling

Are you tired of using your outdated bathroom? Are leaky pipes in the bathroom causing sanitation issues?

Let professionals from Plumbing Experts STL transform your stinky old bathroom into a brand new oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. We have years of experience in the bathroom remodeling realm. From new cabinets to the latest sanitaryware, our redesign team is sure to exceed your expectations.

Whether it is simple cosmetic repairs or comprehensive remodeling, we build dream bathrooms within budget. We undertake small repairs and remodeling projects also. Our design adheres to the highest safety standards ensuring a complete check on mold, fungus, and water damage.

Stop putting off the bathroom renovation project. We make things happen within your budget, and there’s a good chance you’ll even save money. We excel in stylish Jacuzzi tubs, luxurious standing showers, high-quality finishes, and more. Allow us to build a bathroom for you that will give a perfect start to your day – a tranquil room that delivers peace and privacy.

Call us today to discuss your bathroom remodeling needs in Saint Louis and Saint Charles region.

Faucet & Fixture Repair

At Plumbing Experts STL, we deal in full-range installation, maintenance, and repair of leaky faucets. Whether it is bathroom faucet or kitchen plumbing, we get you back up and running in no time.

Our expert team can handle any job ranging from a minor leak or a broken faucet. Accumulation of debris/silt can lead to low water pressure. Faulty joints and O-rings can cause leaks. A loose head in a sprayer can also cause leaks. All these problems and many more can be resolved within minutes by our plumbing experts.

Whether it’s a minor repair or full replacement, we ensure that our services remain within the client’s budget.

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