St. Louis Pipe Repair Service

Leaky water pipes are a total nightmare scenario. It can cause rot, flood your home, and even cause permanent damage to the home’s foundation. If you even so much as doubt a leaking pipe, contact us immediately. From the main water line to internal fixtures, we check every inch of your home’s water infrastructure to spot and fix the leak.

Soil shifts, corrosion-infested pipes, water flow, and tree roots can cause pipe damage. Septic and drainage pipes are most vulnerable. Blocked pipes, pungent smell, and colored water are some signs of broken pipes. We undertake video camera inspection to detect water pipe damage accurately.

  • Compliance with local city building and safety codes
  • Save money on water bills by eliminating water wastage
  • Prevent damage from tree roots and underground cracks
  • Corrosion-resistant pipes offering long-life benefits

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