St. Louis Hot Water Heater Repair


St. Louis Hot Water Heater Repair

    Plumbing Experts STL offers full-range 24/7 repairs for electric, gas, tankless, commercial water heater, and hybrid tankless water heaters. Water heaters lose their efficiency over time, which leads to high energy bills. Sediment buildup is the primary cause behind slow heating and blocked heater pipes. Limescale and calcium deposits hinder a water heater’s efficiency.

    • Sediment buildup inspection – rusty water problem
    • Inspect and replace inefficient burners
    • Replace thermostats and shut-off valves
    • Resolve water pressure issues, leaks, and pilot lights
    • Undertake preventive maintenance

    1. Anti-Scald Devices

    On-demand water heaters can pose scalding dangers to children, adults, and the disabled. Anti-scald devices protect users from coming in direct contact with hot water from kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Contact us for a scald guard installation in your home.

    2. Emergency Shut-Off Devices

    A burst water heater can cause massive damage to a home. Unchecked hot water lines can cause flooding, which can lead to rot. Our team installs an automotive shut off valve that helps prevent additional water from entering from the main-line and flooding your home.

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