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    Is your garbage disposal not working properly? The Plumbing Experts STL team facilitates comprehensive garbage disposal repair in St. Louis, MO. Whether you have a clogged drainpipe or hear your disposal grinding, we resolve all issues promptly.

    While your garbage disposal can handle many different types of waste, it can break down after it gets old, especially after years of improper usage. Materials that get trapped in your disposal and can clog your drain include:

    •     Grease and other fats
    •     Fibrous foods and peels
    •     Fruit pits
    •     Eggshells
    •     Nuts
    •     Coffee grounds

    Restoring your garbage disposal’s performance starts when you make an appointment with Plumbing Experts. Contact us today for garbage disposal repair and other plumbing services in St. Louis, MO.

    Garbage Disposal Repair in St. Louis, MO

    The Importance of a Garbage Disposal Repair in St. Louis, MO

    You should seriously consider getting repairs if your garbage disposal doesn’t begin working again after flipping the circuit breaker. A garbage disposal that doesn’t work correctly can lead to other plumbing and drainage problems underneath the kitchen sink and cause unsavory effects such as mold growth and foul odors from your drain. In addition to bad smells and damage throughout the system, you may experience significant structural damage without prompt resolution.

    These problems will only spread throughout your plumbing system, necessitating costly fixes down the road.

    The Plumbing Experts Advantage

    Plumbing Experts help you save money by preventing future problems with a thorough garbage disposal repair in St. Louis, MO. We possess the technology and knowledge to diagnose your garbage disposal unit problems and repair them on the spot. We perform a thorough inspection of blades, pipes, and more to ensure your disposal doesn’t face future issues.

    Our repair service gives you the advantage of having an effective remedy for garbage disposal problems. Our experts can replace your unit if your disposal is beyond repair so you don’t have to be without a working one. Additionally, unlike other companies, we clean up after ourselves to avoid encouraging mold growth from water dripping from pipes as we make repairs.

    Contact Plumbing Experts STL

    When you need garbage disposal repair in St. Louis, MO, Plumbing Experts of St. Louis is ready to make effective repairs and remove clogs from your kitchen’s garbage disposal. We use lasting repair techniques and the latest technology to treat the most severe garbage disposal obstructions. If you’re looking for a reliable plumbing company to help you make necessary repairs, choose us.

    In addition to garbage disposal repair services, pipe repair by Plumbing Experts is another effective way to keep your kitchen sink and garbage disposal from developing other issues. Contact our team of experts at 636-223-5068 to discuss your St. Louis garbage disposal repair needs.

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