Frozen Pipe Services


Frozen Pipes Service in St. Louis, MO

    Missouri winters are synonymous with ice and snow. When the weather drops, your pipes are at risk. Frozen pipes can affect the water in your home and cause damage to your property in more severe cases. 

    When pipes freeze, the water expands and cracks the line. Burst pipes can escalate into serious situations that require extensive repairs. 

    The Plumbing Experts team in St. Louis, MO, understands the importance of addressing frozen pipes as quickly as possible. 

    Prevent Frozen Pipes

    Winterizing your pipes is essential for avoiding frozen lines or pipe bursts. Follow these simple steps to prevent freezing:

    • Open the cabinets under your sink – Circulating the heat in your home helps prevent your pipes from getting too cold. Keeping your cabinets open allows the heat to have better access to the lines under your sink. 
    • Insulate your exposed pipes – Locate them in your attic, crawl space, or garage and wrap them in plumbing insulation foam.
    • Check for leaks – Leaking water from your indoor or outdoor pipes heightens the risk of frozen pipes during the winter. If you find a leak, fix it immediately or reach out to the Plumbing Experts team for frozen pipe services in St. Louis, MO.

    How to Thaw Your Pipes

    Thawing your frozen pipes is a job for professionals. If you notice an issue with your pipes, your first step should be to shut off the main water. Second, call the Plumbing Experts team so we can help you thaw out your pipes effectively. 

    The Plumbing Experts professionals use specialized tools to break up the ice and thaw your frozen pipes without damaging the lines. Thawing your pipes before they burst is the best way to prevent the need for repair. 

    Process of Fixing a Burst Pipe

    Discovering a burst pipe requires immediate action. Before you call Plumbing Experts, take these steps to prevent further damage:

    1. Turn off the main water valve. 
    2. Turn off the power via the circuit breaker. 
    3. Find the source of the leak. 

    Finally, call the Plumbing Experts team. When we arrive, we thoroughly evaluate the frozen lines and determine the level of damage. 

    When it comes to burst pipes, timing is essential. Hiring a licensed plumber is critical to address the damage and when filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance.

    Frozen Pipe Services in St. Louis, MO

    All plumbers at Plumbing Experts are licensed and ready to help you with your pipe repair, no matter how severe. We know how valuable time is in these situations and encourage you to call us as soon as your pipe bursts.

    Don’t let the Missouri winter get the best of your pipes. Call Plumbing Experts at 636-223-5068 for frozen pipe services in St. Louis, MO. 

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